When is in house telemarketing preferred over an outsourced telemarketing campaign?

When it comes to investing your cash flow into marketing this subject is usually quite common. If your business can benefit from telemarketing, whether it be B2B or B2C telemarketing, how should you do it? If you are new to marketing you may want to read our what is cold calling article.

Should you assign the duties to an in house telemarketing agent? At an average cost of £22,250 per annum as we can see on Glassdoor for an in house telemarketing agent. Or would you benefit from outsourcing these services to an affordable b2b telemarketing provider.

Cost efficient and effective telemarketing

I think the most important aspect to look at first is the length of time your marketing campaign will be running. If you are simply looking for a quick influx of ten to a few hundred leads it is clearly not practical to employ someone for this duty specifically. You will need to foresee at least a few years worth of telemarketing requirements to warrant employing a telemarketing team or agent. 

When hiring a telemarketing agent you need to ask yourself if they have the ability to fill a secondary role. Should you gain more leads than necessary you will still have an employee on payroll with no task to fulfil.

Remember, too many leads is a very dangerous position to be in. If you are not following up on and closing your prospects you are damaging your brand and reputation. You will be known as time wasters and incompetant. 

Especially if they have a genuine interest in your services. The last thing you want is a customer chasing you for your product. It sounds ideal but this can lead to the client feeling unvalued.

While your sales team is trying to close an abundance of leads they will be spreading their efforts too thinly. This means the whole process will take longer, cost more wages, rent, office space and resources.


Employee benefits, employer responsibilities and HR

One of the biggest benefits of having in house telemarketing is the ability to train and control the results achieved from a telemarketing campaign. With good management, available resources and time to train an in house telemarketing agent you really can achieve results that scale with time. And going back to the previous point, the cost efficiency of recruiting in house rises with every month that passes. 

Having an employee that grows with the business and understands the business process will always be invaluable compared to an outsourced asset who leaves the moment the service is halted. Outsourced telemarketing services are very much based around the client wanting as little responsibility as possible. And in turn as little commitment, financial and otherwise. 

A very important factor to consider is what you are actually willing to commit to this employee. When you employ someone you are now responsible for many benefits and schemes which need to be considered. 

Training for example needs to be accounted for. How long will it take to train the new employee? Who will train them? Does the staff member training them actually have time to provide an effective onboarding?

How about national insurance, sick pay, holidays, family commitments, emotional breakdowns, pay rise requests or poor teamwork? There are so many variables that come into play when taking on a new member of staff and finding the right candidate really is a commitment in itself.