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LiveChat – A Website help chat plugin to encourage communication with your web visitors

Leave no opportunity untouched with LiveChat, you can try today with a 14 day free trial provided by Midas Consultant.

Live Chat Software

Having the ability to communicate with visitors live on your website is an opportunity many small businesses miss out on. If you are in the small to medium sized business category I challenge you today to check out your competitors websites and see who is using a live chat plugin or solution. To be able to answer potential clients questions in real time whilst the visitor is browsing your website offers a level of conversion that really cannot be compared to any other technique during the sales process. I like to compare it to having a retail store with the products all laid out beautifully presented but no one available to communicate with and hand over the money too. Technology is making this become a reality, less and less people are shopping in high street retail businesses and are turning to online shopping. But the key disconnect for this transition to complete is having the seamless and responsive ability to communicate with the prospective customer. Back to my point, if you walked into a store and the full inventory of the product was available for you to browse, what would you do if there was no sign of any sales person or staff member to talk to? I know I would end up walking out, being a fussy shopper I like to know exactly what I am buying and check out comparable products until I find the right item that suits my requirements. This is the key element missing on many websites that have not currently implemented a live chat support system. Sure you may have a contact form in which an enquiry pops up in your email and you do your best to respond as quickly as you can, but customers who are shopping online are doing so for a reason, convenience. Having to wait hours or even days for a reply from an online shop or service provider is not convenient. Especially when your competitor uses a live chat and responds within a minute or two to a web visitors enquiry. 

As we previously mentioned on our page about telemarketing. Having the ability to respond to a clients questions and enquiries about your product is a key part in the sales process. Not having that link between a client and your sales team has to be one of the biggest mistakes businesses are making within their website. We have now teamed up with LiveChat to offer 14 day free trials for their award-winning customer service and live chat solution, it can be installed on wordpress, Shopify and within your custom builds. We highly recommend this Live chat solution, and we use this product ourselves. It is compatible with iOS and Android so that your team can respond to enquiries on the go and has a representative rating system so you can rest assured that the team members given the responsibility of handling you live chat are keeping your website visitors satisfied and their response time is acceptable. Another amazing feature is LiveChats ability to connect to your business facebook page so all enquiries can be handled within one solution, this not only increases productivity of your live chat solution but makes it easier on the staff handling multiple conversations at once.

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