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pay per sale telemarketing

Pay per sale telemarketing is a service where you, the client pay for the lead only if it converts into a sale. This is obviously a massive benefit for whoever is purchasing the leads as it guarantees a positive return on investment but who pays for all the opportunities that did not end in a sale.

With such a competitive environment when it comes to lead generation and telemarketing. Pay per sale telemarketing can sound like an idiot proof way of bringing in leads, closing deals and ensuring your marketing campaign brings in the money rather than drains your budget.

At Midas Consultant, we get asked on a daily basis if we can provide pay per sale telemarketing. The answer is no. We absolutely do not offer pay per sale telemarketing and that is because it is an entirely unreasonable request or expectation. We all know that the majority of leads do not end in a sale. But they must still be acquired, contacted and pitched. Even just generating a lead by acquiring the decision makers name, contact details and permission to contact in future adds value. Actually it could be argued that there is as much if not more value in the leads you do not close than the ones that end in an immediate pitch or sale.

As a business you should always be expanding, nurturing and maintaining your database. Populating your business CRM is one of the key benefits of using a telemarketing team such as Midas Consultant. Pay per sale telemarketing on the other hand means that you as the client only see benefit in a sale, yet you are hiring a marketing service.

I ask you to open your eyes and see marketing for what it is. We are introducing your business to potential buyers, we are giving you the opportunity to pitch these people over the course of the leads lifetime. Do not purchase marketing services and then judge them based on how well you sales team close them. Judge your marketing team on how much data they bring to the table, how many opportunities are introduced to your database and how accurate the data is.

On the other hand, if you want your marketing team to actually close the leads for you, you may wish to consider services other than outsourced telemarketing but rather a sales service where pay per sale can be a reasonable request.