Affordable B2B Telemarketing Services & Appointment Setting UK

Affordable B2B Appointment Setting UK

Midas Consultant aims to offer Affordable B2B telemarketing and appointment setting throughout the UK by utilizing a multitude of products and services. We provide telemarketing campaigns that aim to provide qualified leads, resulting in more appointments for your staff to make their sales pitch. 

When should you outsource B2B Telemarketing?

We have provided B2B Telemarketing services at Midas Consultant for over 15 years. We search your target market for high-quality decision-makers. 

Finding the right contact which is open to your product or service is probably the most time-consuming part of marketing. We know that appointment setting services are crucial for any sales team; we aim to provide as much information for each contact as possible. 

Whether you use in-house marketing or you outsource to a B2B lead generating provider like ourselves. Providing opportunities for your sales team is necessary; our market research shows that outsourcing appointment setting provides a much better return on your investment than employing appointment setters in-house.  

When it comes to generating sales leads, the most obvious subject to address is your budget. While a company with a turnover over the millions and tens to hundreds of employees may recruit marketing staff in house. A smaller business may look at telemarketing agencies to help them in providing quality leads.  

We can see from telemarketing agent salaries average at around £22,250 per year. When your sales team is closing deals, we can see the desire to have staff dedicated to providing leads round the clock.  

At Midas Consultant, we can provide a month’s worth of leads in 7 days on average. That means we can give the exact value of your £22,250 salaried telemarketing agent for one-quarter of the cost. What they provide in a month we can provide in a week. Having the ability to procure a year’s worth of leads in 3 months allows you to dedicate a portion of the marketing budget with the benefit of saving money on recruitment costs and time spent training and onboarding. Let’s not forget the freedom to terminate the marketing campaign without having to pass.


Why B2B Telemarketing?  

B2B Telemarketing is one of the original lead generation and appointment setting mediums. Since the invention of the telephone, the ability to market your business outside of physical limitations has been a blessing for many companies. Telemarketing is probably the most personal form of lead generation marketing outside of face-to-face with a prospective client. 

The ability to share a high-quality message to anyone in the world in a one-to-one setting is invaluable. Of course, now we have the internet and methods of marketing such as SEO which has taken over in terms of lead generation and appointment setting.

Midas Consultant still believes there is a place for sales and marketing call campaigns. We have over 12 years of experience per consultant within our telemarketing teams, all native English speakers, and we are ready to share your message with potential clients. You can relax, knowing that professionally representing your brand and uncovering business opportunities is our specialty.

B2B Telemarketing Services are admittedly not suitable for every business. However, tens of thousands of companies in many industries can benefit from an Affordable Appointment Setting. Industries, where client visits to meet and quote the senior management are valued and significant parts of their sales process. Affordable B2B Appointment Setting could be a service you consider if you need to line up opportunities for your sales team to convert.


Why you should trust Midas Consultant for your B2B Telemarketing campaign

We know that cold calling is a sensitive subject; there have been many instances where B2B Telemarketing Companies have misused telemarketing. The difference between what we do at Midas Consultant and our competitors is our ability to converse appropriate subjects, which can benefit the business receiving our call. 

Each year our marketing consultants can be expected to have made around 50,000 calls each. We have the experience of making a prospective client on the other end of the phone feel comfortable. We know when is the appropriate time to pitch and when we should arrange a callback. Another thing we certainly know is who to target and how to discover an opportunity.

Some of our highest quality leads start from the prospective client saying they are not interested; at this point, we give them two choices. One choice is that they are welcome to hang up the phone and we can assure them we will not bother them again. The second option is to inform them that the call they are receiving today is not an opportunity for a call centre agent to spout off a script as fast as possible before getting hung up on. But it is a conversation with a professional who understands their day to day business and has a product or service that can alleviate some pain points which plague their working day.

Once the prospect understands that, we do not push for pressure sales and harass them with cold calls until they answer. We find we can have productive conversations and open doors to products that they would otherwise be unaware of. We look for an opening, and if there is no one available, we respect the prospect’s time and schedule and reconnect another day.

Each industry we have worked in has tailored its pitching, conversion, and retention techniques differently. But the striking resemblance between them is that the highest conversion rates originated from a telemarketing call. The difference between B2B Appointment Setting and other forms of marketing is that telemarketing is the most liquid and adaptable.

Creating and designing an advertising campaign is a wonderful process. So much effort and hard work go into creating and publishing marketing content. Whether it is in website content, infographics, advertisements on local radio, TV, YouTube, or other media formats. 

The problem is, once this content is created, you pretty much wipe your hands of it. Sure, you can take on some criticism and edit your work in the hopes it is received better by future consumers, but you cannot keep repeating this process to get it perfect.

With telemarketing, B2B Telemarketing companies can tailor each word, sentence, and pitch around that individual’s needs at that exact moment in time. When the prospective client has no requirement for the particular product you are offering, you can flip the script and discuss what current issues they are experiencing. 

From that moment on, you discover new opportunities that would otherwise be lost. I cannot think of any other form of marketing that allows such freedom and liquidity.

Telemarketing at Midas Consultant follows a simple process. We will discuss with our clients the result they wish to receive. Typically there will be three main targets for every telephone call:


Target 1

Discover the decision-maker who is the correct person to pitch. There is no point in pitching a product to a receptionist. The first part of any telemarketing campaign is to find the person who has the ability and the budget to sign off on a potential project or take on a service.

Target 2

Contact the decision-maker, pitch the product or service, and discover whether it can benefit and provide value to the prospect.

Qualify whether the prospect is suitable for our client’s product or service. Before any telemarketing campaign, we will discuss with our client what their criteria are for a qualified lead. This could be judged by: Industry, Company Size, Budget, Geographical Location, and many more.

Target 3

Allow the prospect to sit down with a representative from your organisation. They can receive a presentation or discussion in-depth about the benefits of using such a service or product. This is our B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting service. 

If your representatives cannot attend physical meetings, we can arrange a call back with your rep when they are both available. We will only place such a callback or meeting when a genuine need and budget are available for a project. 

The last thing we will look to achieve in a telemarketing campaign is if the prospect has some interest but cannot attend a meeting and does not want to receive a call back from your company rep, we will look to take their email address and permission to send them email correspondence in the near future, whether that is a personal email from your business or just the addition to your marketing newsletter. We never let an opportunity go to waste.

We welcome you to contact Midas Consultant today to discuss our Affordable B2B Appointment Setting services for the United Kingdom.

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