Data Cleansing Services

What are data cleansing services?

Data cleansing is when a business verifies its data as being correct and accurate. Data Cleansing is performed by contacting or verifying in another method the validity of the contacts in your database. Usually, companies will hire a data cleansing service provider to take on this project for them. At Midas Consultant, we have been performing data cleansing services for over ten years, consistently bringing dead leads back to life and cleaning up dead numbers or incorrect data for our clients.

What is the reason to cleanse your data, and how often should you clean it? 

At Midas Consultant, we believe that businesses should perform data cleansing at least once per year. It is imperative to ensure that when your data is being used for marketing and sales purposes that your calling agents are connected to real prospects for as long as possible. When your calling agents are not connected to a lead, they have no chance of closing a deal. Data cleansing services will ensure every record of data was recently active and the phone number, email address and lead name are correct.

How do I cleanse my database?

There are a few data cleansing methods, but the most obvious way is to make a phone call to the phone number in your database and confirm they are the lead name you have on record when they answer. You will also want to ensure they are still interested in your services and that your business activities are still relevant to their interests. For example, someone may answer the call and say that the old lead name has left the business and they have taken over the job role. This may be the reason why your emails have been bouncing. There is now the opportunity to reconnect and reintroduce your business and services to the correct contact. In turn, your database can be updated and “cleaned up.” 

What should I do whilst cleansing my database?

Cleaning a database is not as simple as asking if you have the right name and number. It can be if you want, but we believe that’s a massive waste of potential. Sure, you want to confirm you have the correct details and that the party is still interested in your goods or services. Secondly, you can take this opportunity to see if they have any projects coming up in the year which you may be able to quote on or at least discuss to see if there is an opportunity for mutual benefit.

You can also take the opportunity to offer a free trial, a sample of goods, a product demo or an invitation to a webinar or upcoming event. Timing your data cleansing to be in sync with upcoming events, for example, gives you a great entry point into the conversation.

If you have an upcoming event you could make this the opening to your call, here we will give you a brief example:

“Hey, we just wanted to check if we had the correct details for you. We have an event coming up next month that we wanted to invite you to, it’s free, and there will be a bunch of like-minded people in attendance. Can I confirm your email so I can send the calendar invitation?

While I have you on the phone, are you doing anything in this area this year?”

As long as you have something of value to offer the prospect, it is pretty easy to rekindle lost business relationships in this manner.

What would happen if I didn’t cleanse my data?

If you do not regularly cleanse your data, you will find that your marketing and sales teams are wasting a lot of time on dead leads. This is time-consuming, morale damaging and costly. Marketing teams, especially in a telemarketing department, can quickly become despondent if the database they call is full of wrong numbers, direct to voicemail or disconnected numbers. Most of the time, marketing and sales staff will rely on commission and other performance-related bonuses; for them to work at their full potential, they must feel like they are being given a fair chance to hit targets and achieve the compensation offered to them.

You will also find that your email marketing campaigns are less effective. Email addresses change all the time. Maybe the business rebranded and started to use a new domain name. Perhaps that staff member left the company, and the email address was binned; you may have never had the correct email address in the first place. Data cleansing services ensure that you always have a valid email for your lead or client and get the least bounces in your email marketing campaigns.

What if someone asks to be removed from the database while I clean it?

If you make contact with the contact and they no longer wish to be contacted, you may feel you are losing leads during this calling campaign rather than gaining any benefit. The truth is if they were once interested and gave you their contact details, but now when you reaffirm their interest, they no longer want any part in it; maybe it was not such a strong lead in the first place. This is fine, and we cannot expect every call to be with a super-strong lead biting your hand off to purchase your product or services. 

You can do a few things to try to salvage the lead. Most of the time, these decision-makers are contacted by tens or hundreds of marketing or sales agents. They are being pitched products daily and do not care enough to remember everyone’s pitch. You will want to reaffirm that they have once shown interest in your product or service. Try to find some info on your CRM or database that references the last conversation you had with them. Bring up the date and topic of discussion and try to jog the lead’s memory. When they told you they were no longer interested, they may not have known who you were and rejected you out of natural reflex.

If they remember who you are but have no interest, I think you can take it one of two ways, which is up to your discretion. You can now decide to potentially burn the lead by pushing further to try to offer an incentive for the lead to show interest. If you genuinely believe your product or service will benefit them, you can confidently double down and assert your position. 

Here is an example of doubling down and combating a rejection on the phone:

LEAD: “Hey, I remember who you are and what you do, but I am not in a position to look at this at the moment; just take me off your database, please.”

YOU: “No problem, I can certainly take you off my database. We only have your data here because you provided it on x date when we discussed x. Before you go, I have to be honest; after looking at the information you provided to us previously, I am 100% confident we can add value to what you are trying to achieve. I don’t want to push you any further, but If I could guarantee to add value and prove it in the next 5 minutes would you be open to hearing what I have in mind?”

How much do data cleansing services cost?

You can see that data cleansing services are essential before conducting marketing campaigns. If you want to get the best ROI out of your marketing campaign, you want to ensure that you get the most amount of call time with real prospects who can do business with you. 

Now, when it comes to data cleansing service costs, this varies depending on whether you use in-house staff or outsource the data cleansing services to a 3rd party like Midas Consultant. It also depends on whether you need someone to cleanse the data or actually take advantage of the conversation and try to book appointments, pitch services and secure results. However, we know that an average telemarketing agent

When we are quoting for data cleansing services we work off the following formula:

Records of data / 100 = amount of days per work for 1 telemarketing agent. 


For example:

10,000 records of data / 100 = 10 days work. 

We must also consider that we will not get a connection on every single call we make and we will be required to call back the following day to attempt a connection to the lead name again. Let’s say in the worst-case scenario 50% of the database does not pick up the call and grant us the ability to verify their data. We must then add a 50% second call rate, adding 5 days to the initial 10 days of work. 

If you require a simple confirmation of interest from the data record then you will only require an entry-level calling agent. This is billed at £100 per day and would mean it costs around £1500 to clean up the example database of 10,000 records.

If you want to take full advantage of being connected to the lead and have the calling agent pitch your product or services you could be paying anywhere from £150+ per day with a commission on top. 

So, to clean up a database of 10,000 records would cost anywhere between £1500 and £2250 plus any commissions negotiated for performance-related targets.

Deduplication of data

Duplication of data can occur for multiple reasons. One reason could be the merging of various data sheets, multiple entries into contact forms, or data captured during multiple purchases or registrations on your website. Deduplicating data is imperative. When we look at our databases we want to see an accurate number for our data rather than inflated figures due to duplication. This can help us understand our business metrics better and achieve more realistic forecasts and statistics. 


Deduplication of data is also important in order to avoid internal conflict between competing sales and marketing staff who may fight over who the lead should be assigned to. Duplicated data also causes confusion for the customer or lead, if they are contacted by multiple reps from your business who are unaware their colleagues are also calling the lead. The customer will potentially be pitched two different products, prices and arrangements which could conflict. I know that whenever I have experienced these situations I feel like it is highly unprofessional of the company calling me and I very quickly lose all confidence in their ability to deliver. 

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