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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the action of editing a website to rank higher in Google’s Search Engine Results and get more visitors. Have you wondered why your competitor’s website appears higher than yours on Google? The reason for this is that your competitor has better SEO than you. At Midas Consultant, we specialise in working with small businesses that need help with their SEO. We can help your website go from being invisible online to the first page of Google. We keep SEO costs affordable, and we have packages to cater for every budget. Our affordable SEO services start at £250 per month

What SEO services can Midas Consultant perform to make your website rank higher on Google?

There are many different methods of SEO services that an SEO Consultant will use to make your website rank higher on Google and attract more visitors.

Here are some of the affordable SEO services we offer at Midas Consultant:

Technical SEO Website Audit

Technical SEO is when your SEO Consultant works towards improving the overall user experience when visitors use your website. 

Google prefers fast-loading, responsive and easy to use websites. You, yourself, can improve your SEO score. A considerable part of your SEO score relates to the load speed of your web page. Suppose your website has poorly written code and unoptimised images. In that case, it will take a long time to load, and Google will penalise your Keyword Rankings.

Think about all those times you have searched for something on Google and clicked a result only for it to take forever to load. If you are impatient, you will go back to the search results to look for another source.

Google will recognise that it was a bad user experience by seeing that you closed the website and went to another result. If this keeps occurring, Google will lower the website’s keyword rankings and prioritise other websites that provide more reliable results. Google always favours web pages that load faster and provide quality content.

This is what Google has to say about page load speed and its importance in SEO: “Speeding up websites is important — not just to site owners, but all Internet users. Faster sites create happy users, and we’ve seen in our internal studies that when a site responds slowly, visitors spend less time there. But faster sites don’t just improve user experience; recent data shows that improving site speed reduces operating costs. Like us, our users place a lot of value on speed — that’s why we’ve decided to take site speed into account in our search rankings. We use a variety of sources to determine the speed of a site relative to other sites.” Another method of Technical SEO is making sure your visitors are safe while using your website. An SSL certificate, otherwise known as a secure sockets layer, is a secure technology that creates an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. For example, you can see, at the top of your web browser now, just to the left of the Midas Consultant URL, there is a small padlock sign. 

We recommend a Technical Website SEO Audit before anything else, as it will give you the reasons as to why your website is failing to rank in Google. We can then take action on the issues brought to our attention. A Technical Website SEO Audit costs £250 for small websites. 


Keyword Research

Keywords are a large part of SEO Strategy. When you search for something in Google, you enter keywords into the Search Engine. Google will then decide which website offers the most appropriate content that fits those keywords. Discovering the best keywords to use on your website requires SEO tools or an SEO Consultant who can research on your behalf.

At Midas Consultant, we perform keyword research daily. We consistently pick keywords for our clients that they can reliably rank for and secure relevant traffic. 

Your website will struggle to give you the traffic you require unless you have picked the right keywords and optimised your content with them in mind.

We can use our premium SEO tools and strategies to discover the search volume for specific keywords and the difficulty of ranking on the first page of Google for them. Keyword Research is an invaluable service that saves time and money and gives your website the best chance of gaining ranks for keywords which will generate website visitors.

We highly recommend using our services of Keyword Research if you are struggling to secure visitors to your website. 


Competitor Analysis

It is crucial to understand what your competitors are doing and how they generate their website traffic and business. Competitor analysis gives you the edge when creating new content or optimising your website. 

We can see what keywords your competitors rank for with our premium SEO tools and how much traffic they have earned from these rankings. 

SEO Consultants can discover new Keyword Opportunities and see what works for your competitors. We can create new SEO strategies and exploit their weaknesses to outrank them using this data.

Competitor Analysis starts at £300 per competitor.


What are Backlinks?

Why you should be building backlinks for your website.

If you are involved with digital business, you may have heard people talking about SEO scores, Domain Authority, and Backlinks. What are Backlinks? You can think of Backlinks as signposts across the internet. Sometimes, throughout some text or imagery, you will notice that you can click on either the text or the image. This is because the element is hyperlinked; it will become a backlink if it is hyperlinked to a website address. For example,  will take you to a page presenting our affordable telemarketing services. This is integral for the creation and foundations of your website. Internal linking allows search engines to crawl through your website with speed and efficiency, rather than getting lost and not knowing how to discover new pages. As I said previously, internal links are like signposts: showing users and search engines. Hey, if you are interested in this, click here to read more about it. This allows you to direct traffic around your website in a suitable manner where visitors can quickly access what they are interested in. 

 This plays a huge role in Google’s preference for ranking websites higher, the higher they perform on user accessibility tests running on all the websites Google indexes. Google is all about giving its users what they want as quickly as possible; give Google what they and the visitors wish, and you will see a healthy SEO score.

Building links internally within your website and achieving backlinks from High DA and reliable sources is one of the keystones for building your online foundations. It allows the search engines to trawl better and faster through your website. Updating the search engines when edits are made and told to update their results accordingly. External linking increases your DA or Domain Authority. Increasing your DA is achieved by having flowing traffic, low bounce rates, long session times, high CTR or click through rate, How many backlinks you have and how high the DA and PA of the linking page are, and many more factors.

Is it possible to get cheap SEO backlinks?

Everywhere you look online about SEO, you keep getting told about cheap SEO backlinks. Online vendors say they can sell you a backlink from their high authority websites, which is nothing new. Many website owners were purchasing cheap backlinks from unreputable sources across the web in the past. All that mattered was the volume of backlinks your website had. The more that other websites are linked to you, the better. 

In 2022, this is no longer the case. High-quality backlinks for similar industries or within the same geographical area are now prioritised. Google has become much better at noticing genuine connections between websites and spotting where web admins are trying to manipulate the algorithm. 

So, in short, yes, it is possible to purchase cheap SEO backlinks from places like Fiverr, but is it worth it? More than likely not. Unless you can strike up a working relationship with a website that will provide a high-quality link with relevant context.


Want to know how many backlinks your website has? We will give you a full free SEO report showing how many backlinks you have, where they are coming from, and where you should focus on gaining more.