Top telesales tools to help you close more leads


VOIP or Telephone line


If you are looking to get into telesales or telemarketing you will by definition need a telephone line to call from. You have two options, a standard telephone line whether it be mobile or landline or a VOIP ( Voice over IP ) line.

Things to consider when selecting whether you will be calling from a traditional or VOIP line are:


  • Calling location: If calling from overseas a VOIP line will allow you to use a virtual phone number from the country that you are calling into rather than where you are calling from. Your office may be in the UK but with VOIP you can use a USA phone number which may be more trustworthy if that is the location you are calling in to.
  • Call recording: VOIP software allows for easy call recording. You can enable all calls to automatically record very easily within the software. This is especially useful for training and monitoring staff. But also for providing proof of capturing a lead to your client or sales department. Clients can dispute whether a lead was really qualified or not and in this case the matter can be settled by sharing the recording. You also vastly improve the chance of a sales rep closing a sale by providing them with the marketing call recording.
  • Costs: With VOIP lines running on a monthly rolling basis they are very adaptable for small and growing businesses who want the versatility of being able to dip in and out of usage.
  • Adaptability: VOIP lines are generally utilized through a softphone or an ethernet wired handset. In the case of using the software provided by the line provider, you have the ability to move into different locations as easily as it is to pick up your laptop or computer.



Recording your call results in a CRM makes it one of the most important telesales tools available to any cold caller. The sheer number of calls made by telesales staff means that they can’t possibly be expected to remember everything the client said.

Picking up buying signals from a lead during a telemarketing call and recording them within a CRM is a vital part of the sales process. Being able to look back at your notes and see what the prospect was interested in or what they had issues with in the past allows for versatility and pitches that make sense and target pain points.

When a client tells you on the phone that their only reason for not currently using your product is the price, you better write that down! Having the ability to send a price list with a discount applied all within one platform allows you to quickly react to every prospect’s request.

Having the ability to filter through your CRM and find data allows your telesales team to use their time efficiently to target the right leads. CRM’s also enable management to assign and move leads between their calling agents. With a click of a button you can remove leads from one agent and assign them to someone more appropriate.

This also enables you to keep all your data in one place. No longer do call centres need to have sheets of printed or handwritten paper lead sheets flying around the office.