Affordable Website Development

At Midas Consultant, our aim is to give you a premium grade website in all possible areas. Website Design, Development, and Maintenance are all key factors of keeping your business active online. If you are reading this and want to discuss how Midas Consultant can help you represent yourself online please feel free to discuss your needs with us on 0203 026 9213, alternatively, you can email us at

We have created websites for small to medium-sized businesses all across the UK. For some examples of our work see below. 

Need a brand new website?

A brand new website, crafted from the beginning to end to offer a bespoke representation of your brand, online!

We have worked with many businesses to build and develop their very first business website. Most small business websites consist of around 5 to 6 pages and the total development time can take up to one week. Book a website on Monday and most of the time we can fulfill the job by the end of day Friday. We are happy to offer up to one month of free revisions.

Prices for brand new websites start at £500

Already have a website but need it updated?

Most businesses do have a website of some sort. Some are projects that were started many years ago and the development process has switched hands many times since the original design and build. It can be frustrating to see your business accelerate in the real world but drag behind online. When you hear someone ask the dreaded question “Do you have a website?” how do you feel? I really think you should open up a tab on your browser, type in your website and imagine that you are a potential client, customer, or interested party. What is your first impression? 

Midas Consultant can offer full website revamps starting at £300.00.

Already paying someone to look after your website but but you cannot see any results?

Unfortunately, SEO and Digital Marketing do not guarantee results. It all depends on who you are using and what their experience is in the field. Consider taking us up on our free SEO report to see where your rankings sit, what people are searching for when they find your website, and the history of your website from its busiest times to its most quiet. We can help you understand what has been holding you back and what we should repeat to get to that previous peak of traffic driven to your website.

We speak to people every day who say they have someone looking after their website. But after we have done an SEO and Infrastructure report and show them that they are not even ranking for 1 keyword in the top 10 on Google; they start to see how important it is to have the right people taking care of their website.

All SEO and Infrastructure reports are free! Contact us today to see how your website fares against your competition.

Already using Yellow Pages and want to actually own your website?

We speak with website owners every day who are renting a website from many of the available providers out there. One of the most popular platforms to use is Yellow Pages. Yellow Pages have been locking small businesses into a website, promotion, and classified ad deal that seems ridiculously high compared to the actual results the consumers seem to experience.

If you have been using Yellow Pages or any of the vendors out there providing rent-a-website deals. Think about how much you are paying, I am sure it will be quite a bit higher than you the real going rate because you have been locked into a deal. If you move away because of the price you have nothing to show for it. Your website remains the vendor’s product.

If you are paying a monthly sum to a company who has designed and developed your website. Make sure to ask if you are actually the owner of your own website. What would happen if you decided to switch host and walk away from their contract at the end? Would you keep your website?

If you are the owner of the website we can migrate it for you. If you are not the owner we can possibly negotiate an opportunity to buy out the website from the provider if you think that is really worth it. But we would recommend a total rebuild with improvements if that was the case. It would be much more cost-effective than buying out a contract for a website you are not totally happy with.