You have probably heard the phrase before, but what is cold calling? Most businesses have some form of sales and marketing. Having the potential to make a sale does not come out of thin air though. These opportunities need to be generated. Whether that be through digital marketing services like SEO, or traditional marketing like telemarketing and door to door sales.


Cold calling definition:

The definition of cold calling as per the Cambridge Dictionary is:

“the activity of calling or visiting a possible customer to try to sell them something without being asked by the customer to do so”

What is meant by cold calling?

Cold calling means one thing when it comes down to it. Making direct contact with a potential customer and pitching your service or product to them. Cold calling in the form of telemarketing requires you to pick up the phone and start dialling to anyone and everyone who you have a chance of selling to. If you can’t make a sale, you may be able to generate a lead of an interested party.

The key factor here is that before you picked up that phone there could have been 0 awareness on the prospects side. By the time you have finished your pitch they know who you are, they have your contact information and have received your sales or marketing pitch.

Cold calling can also be done physically. Knocking on doors, whether it be residentially or commercially. The typical example is the stereotypical double glazing salesman. The salesman will walk down the street and knock on door after door. He can see who already has double glazing on their windows and who does not. When he passes a house that does not already have double glazed windows they can knock the door and provide a solution.


What is the best cold call intro or opening lines?

Cold calling is admittedly quite an intrusive form of marketing. Calling someone at their home or place of business is not always going to be welcomed. To be honest some may even say the majority of cold calls are unwanted.

Creating the perfect cold call intro or opening lines is every sales or marketing department’s goal. In marketing, you should allow your conversation to flow with purpose yet be relaxed. If you are looking to make a sale on the first call you will want to put some more pressure on the call. Remain professional, introduce yourself and your product. Pitch your value proposition and ask for a sale.

Best products to sell cold calling

When it comes to cold calling, not every product or service is suitable. The best products to sell cold calling are low value. A product that can easily be agreed to and most importantly offers enough value there and then on the phone that it would be stupid to let this opportunity go.

An example of some products that can be sold while cold calling in person would be: Window cleaning, Double Glazing, Domestic Products, Gardening Services and so on.

Examples of products that can be sold over the phone are Insurances, Gas and Electric, Telephone Services, Subscription Services and so on.

What is the worst time to cold call?

Any cold caller will tell you the absolutely worst time to call is during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Especially lunch. Between 12:00 and 13:00 you are going to be on the backfoot fighting off objections. Please remember that when you are cold calling you are entering your prospects personal space and time. You cannot expect them to be happy to receive your call, especially when they are eating their well deserved meal!

Bare this in mind when calling and always show respect to your prospects. And typically calling before 9 and after 5 is undesirable for the same reasoning.


B2B cold calling best practises

You can take a look at our telemarketing for dummies but here are some more of our b2b cold calling best practises:

  • Remain professional at all times
  • Respect your prospects time and personal space
  • Do not harass your prospects!
  • If they are on the TPS ( Telephone Preference Service ) apologize and hang up
  • Take no for an answer, dont argue
  • If you can’t make a sale, be happy with a qualified lead to come back to later

How to generate leads without cold calling

There are multiple ways to generate leads without cold calling. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a great way. If you have a website and an online presence optimizing your content to appear higher on the search engine results is critical. Having a great landing page which your search traffic can land on and enter their details or request a quote is now one of the most common ways to generate leads outside of cold calling.

CRM for cold calling

At Midas Consultant we have worked with a multitude of CRM’s. The following are all excellent providers and we recommend you take a look at.