When is the worst time to call someone? Well, to be completely honest, it can be any time.  Most of the time, we are really busy with much more important things than accepting calls from strangers telling us that we need this and that to improve our business. But, when is the time we can possibly call them to discuss what issues they have on their business or how we can possibly improve it with our service?


If you are calling a business that you think opens late in the morning, you should probably call in the afternoon 2 to 3 hours before closing time. They will most likely pick up your call as they only have a little bit of an hour before closing time, and get calls as much as possible for tomorrow’s appointments. At this time of the day, they should be done with most of their clients and the decision maker should be available, if ever they are in their business shop or boutique.


Calling in the morning can be hard because you will mostly connect with Voicemails and Gatekeepers telling you that the decision maker isn’t around yet and would ask you to call back. The best time to call in the morning will be around 10:00 am to 11:30 pm just before their lunch time. At this hour, Decision Makers are settling in their office drinking coffee and going through files that they didn’t have time to finish yesterday. 


There is a technique on maximizing your chances talking to the decision maker. If you make a cold call in the morning, at the start of your shift and they won’t pick up, chances are they will pick up tomorrow afternoon. If they still don’t pick up by then, try before, during or after lunch. Different Industries have different time tables, you have to be patient on calling them


If you call them first thing in the morning and the decision maker attends to your call, that’s great! A total progress but, if you can’t reach him or her on this day, try tomorrow or the day after that. 


If some leads don’t really pick up and you are always sent to voicemail, it would be better if you would just stop calling them for a few days. Don’t spam, we are not that desperate to sell them our services. 


If they are not picking up your calls, it’s either no one’s at the phone to answer your calls or they are busy and their shop is packed with clients. But, do not worry and don’t lose hope. There will be a time that they will answer your call, so make the most of it. Find out who the decision maker is, tell them what you need to tell them and ask what you have to ask. There’s a big chance that this will be the last time you’ll ever speak to them.