Where Can I Find Telemarketing Data?

There are many sources we can use to find Telemarketing Datas. One is from Yellow Pages, an online directory-like platform where we can find Lead’s Informations including their website. There are many types of online directory in the world, it differs depending on your location and what you are looking for exactly. 

But, first, What is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a type of marketing where a business contacts potential customers through phone. Other than E-businesses that use email and websites to attract customers, Telemarketing requires more time and energy considering that you have to make phone calls accompanied by sending emails manually and future call backs.


Is it true that Telemarketing is considered Unethical?

It is criticized as an Unethical business because of its practices which is perception of high-pressure sales technique during unsolicited calls. Some businesses they call may participate in telephone slamming.

But, How does Telemarketing work?

Telemarketing involves the practice of contacting and approaching potential customers. It does not include the use of direct mail marketing methods in some situations. The practice of telemarketing may take place from a call center, an office, or at home. Many times, telemarketing can involve a single call to assess interest or suitability, and then a call back or follow-up calls to pursue a sale. Various data are used to narrow down a large database of names to a small number of potential customer prospects. 


What are Telemarketing Activities? 

Outbound telemarketing : Potential and existing customers are actively reached out through outbound telemarketing calls, widely known as Cold Calls.

Inbound telemarketing : These calls are based on inbound enquiries about products or services as prompted by advertising or sales promotions and efforts. 

Lead generation : This activity involves gathering leads. Telemarketing companies gather information about the profiles, interests and demographic data of potential customers.

Sales : The persuasive activity engaged in selling products or services by salespeople, in which telemarketers are aimed and trained for.


Negative Perceptions of Telemarketing :

Despite generating over hundreds billion dollars per year worldwide, It can still be resoundingly negative in public perception. The term itself is mostly associated with cold calls from offices to private individuals at home, which can destroy telemarketing image causing people to trust less. It can also skew some statistics that don’t survey businesses or individuals in a professional capacity.


Where can I find Telemarketing data?


There are different types of finding new and fresh leads for your company. Gathering leads depends on what location you choose and industry you want to search through while getting the leads you want. You can do this by going to an online directory. But, most high-budget companies buy leads from Telemarketing List Brokers which then will provide them with fresh new leads based on demographics and other factors. 


There are ways to find Sales Leads alternatively. 


Old Fashioned Networking 


Advertising and disseminating information about the service and products you provide is quite effective for looking for a potential client. Traditional in-person networking can be quite effective too. Industry trade programs and networking events can provide a wealth of sales leads for businesses.


Charitization and Social Responsibility


By giving help to others and donating charity to them, companies can put their company name in front of many viewers. These viewers will generate numerous contacts including sales leads. They often help non profit organizations and offer local public services.


Online Yellow Pages 


It is an online directories of businesses, organized by category and geographical location. Some of our online directories are Yell, The Real Yellow Pages, Yellow Pages Directory, Siachen and many more.


There are many more sources of leads online, we don’t know where to start looking!  here are some more of the sources you can use to find leads online : 


First is Referrals. Referrals and passing trade can be useful when your client has a lot of friends and loves your services. We know people, they don’t want to be behind the trend. There is a huge possibility that your customer will talk about your business with his or her circle of friends, passing the message and referrals to many people. Although, it still depends on the individual’s interest in the service or product that you’ll provide.


Former Clients can generate leads too. Reaching back to them, offering your services or products may still interest them. However, Former Clients tend to know more about what you regularly offer them than you do and memorize information about it which can lead to loss of interest as there is no new product or service offered to them. 


Website Contact Information Sheet can be helpful in getting new clients online. People tend to browse on the internet looking for their desired products and services that they can buy rather than looking at hand-out fliers and reading what’s on it. It is important to create a space on your website for your contact information and how they can contact you, people should see that in the beginning of your page to take note of it immediately.


Google Resources can be a great source of leads as it can offer it in many different ways : 


Google Alerts will send you email notifications about your clients and prospects.

Google Maps can show prospects on a location that you are targeting; And,

A simple google search of ‘Business near me’ can show a lot of results based on their geographical location, reviews and blogs for the category you are searching for.


LinkedIn can be a source of leads too. How? Search for groups, job titles and industries you are targeting. If you want to target Media Sales, you might search for Marketing Director or Marketing Coordinator to see who holds this position and try to connect to them.


Relationship Marketing. We know that we can’t get potential clients without building relationships with them. Think of the prospect process as a Marketing Relationship. Go to Industry events to meet new people and connect with them to form online relationships which can turn into possible leads.