What is Cold Calling and why is it so important?

It is where you make an unsolicited call to a business, attempting to sell them goods or services. It is important to make cold calls because some businesses don’t know that these services are and that they exist. It can potentially help a business improve in many ways, depending on what service the salesperson is attempting to sell. 


You can hire telemarketing agents to do Cold Calls for your business. Ideally, these agents will be calling and selling your businesses to other people. Make them interested in the product or service that you intend to provide. 


It is called ‘Cold Calling’ because you haven’t established a warm relationship with the prospects yet. The goal of cold calling is to generate intent. Our Telemarketing agents or Sales Representatives avoid focusing on selling the product or service on the first phone call as it can come off as inauthentic. Nevertheless, they establish warm connections with potential clients.


How could you possibly know that a business needs help? For example, let’s say, you’re an SEO specialist and you look at a glamorous and luxurious website with all its edits and page transitions. At first, you will think what could possibly be wrong with this website? It’s perfect! But when you look closely on it’s pages, you will notice some formatting and typographical errors. And looking at their report, they have no traffic whatsoever – a disaster in disguise! 


Now, why do people get scared of making Cold Calls? We can be moved by Pressure and Consequences as well as Rewards and Achievements. We can overthink things that will make us scared of what might happen. What makes them even scarier?


As stated and proved by our sales professionals, Cold Calling can be really scary. Calling businesses, practicing what you’re gonna say to them, thinking about the quota and all the important stuff that’s putting a lot of pressure on us and work, that is what makes us scared. But, what really scares us the most is Failing. 


They said, ‘Failing is a big part of success because without it, we would be winning but not learning’. Is it okay to fail? Yes. Will my boss get mad? Probably or probably not. Will I learn something when I fail? Yes. The only way for you to succeed is when you learn something from your mistakes. This is where the famous line ‘People make mistakes’ enters. It’s okay to fail, accidentally make mistakes, be discouraged and all but never give up. Learn from your mistakes, chin up and stand tall. 


The other part why we are so afraid to make Cold Calls is that we’re afraid to underpass our Mentor’s standards by sounding like a salesperson. Well, you are a salesperson but that does not mean you have to sound like one. 

Talk normal, calm even, and let what your mouth says what you have to say. Have a script? Don’t read it! Talk professionally and with confidence. Always listen to what your mentor says and only follow his instructions. Being arrogant can not pay your bills, proven and tested by everyone. 


The most effective way to overcome these reasons on why we’re scared is Role Playing. Do not think that you are doing this for someone else, don’t think that you are gonna ruin it all by a mistake that isn’t done (yet) and don’t think about consequences and failures. Always be confident, think of it as a shooting. You are an actress or actor who portrays a very important role. You portray a man or a woman that offers help to a business who’s in need. 


What if they don’t want our service? Well, they can kiss the opportunity of having their business improved by a professional goodbye! It’s normal for people to be uninterested in the services that we offer. Not everyone who needs help, really needs help. Some don’t care about their issues, they usually are letting it be and ignoring it. That’s on them and not on us so, don’t be sad or discouraged if they don’t accept what we offered to them. We are doing them a favor by addressing their issues, bringing it to their attention and providing them with a solution. Practically, if they really have issues, we don’t need them, they need us. 


Being afraid of something that you can actually do splendidly is just a waste of time. Many sales professionals succeed in building their career by having faith in themselves, believing they can do it and being confident in what they are doing. 


Fear of failure, being rejected by a potential client or talking like a robot is something that we need to take action on. It is not easy to overcome such fear but, when you do, you will be more confident and more comfortable with what you are doing. But, what do we need to avoid when we overcome these fears?


On top of that is Being Arrogant or acting as if you know better. Always remember that without the people that helped you conquer your fears, you will still have 0 sales per week or per month, you will not be able to speak confidently on the phone as well as communicate effectively with customers. You will never have the amount of sales you have right now and the amount of confidence you have. We always remind our sales representatives to plant your feet on the ground and have a humble mindset because that will take you to success. 


And lastly, Unattentive Listening. This is one of the problems some professionals have. They think that they know everything and will act according to what they think is right when it is nothing near that. It is disrespectful for people to know that they know best and it will be more disrespectful if they don’t listen to other people’s suggestions. 


In conclusion, do not be afraid of making Cold Calls. Yes, it’s scary and anxious but you won’t get the goal or initiative you set if you continue on being scared. Always remember that being scared doesn’t pay your bills but doing it right, as told by your mentor and with confidence. But if you really cannot do what other telemarketing agents can, it is recommendable to hire a professional and let him or her do the job.


Telemarketing agents can save a business owner’s time by selling the product themselves rather than The Boss. It is better for a business owner to maximize his business by hiring someone to do the calls for him which will be the same as his time and effort.